“Wow!  I’m logged in. This is awesome! Just the feature of mixing tracks is awesome in itself.  That almost makes it seems like a synth, or a cool app where you actually manipulate the song. It totally works. I’m excited to create some new ‘focus’ tracks to use while I work.” 

Mark H.

Software engineer

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Boost Your Cognition With These Complex Drumming Rhythms

In this video, I play complex, unpredictable rhythms on my Gonga drum to increase gamma wave activity for cognition, memory, and problem-solving. For more about using drumming rhythms to boost gamma waves, check out this video: https://youtu.be/B6hu6oXaau8 Try Brain Shift Radio for free at brainshiftradio.com Learn more about my auditory brain stimulation programs at reicustomprogram.com

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